10Lines Adventure

By | 5 February 2023

A quick one over coffee this morning, the 10Lines Adventure by Marco Spedaletti.

Obviously, not a complex game, but very clever to pack in a parser, rooms, and objects into 10 lines. Clever enough, in fact, to win first place and FRATZENGEBALLER’S SPECIAL AWARD at the BASIC10Liner competition in 2020!

You can solve it in about 10 moves, but working out the exact order and logic takes some doing. I enjoyed it, and it really shows how just a few words and a bit of thought can create an atmosphere.

Doesn’t really warrant a map, but hey!

Nothing much more to say. The game can be found on the GameBase64 database or direct from Marco here, where you can see readme files and images, as well as the source code and full solution if you need it.

We move on to 1990 by SpectreSoft – until next time!

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