An Epic Adventure

By | 1 February 2023

This is something I have been meaning to do for years, and I have finally decided to dedicate some time to it. My first love of gaming, a love that never seems to dwindle, is text or text/graphics adventure games. Think Infocom, Level9 etc. for the type of games that really captured my imagination as a kid. I longed for a 1541 drive so I could access the better ones, but there were more than enough to keep me going on cassette.

Now, such restrictions are a thing of the past. My 1541 Ultimate II drive is loaded to the gunnels with adventure games and the journey I am about to embark on, a foolish, some would say reckless journey, is to play them all. Yep, every last one of them.

It’s hard finding a definitive list, and I know more and more are being created today (I’m writing one myself!) but I had to have some form of guidance. So, I am using the excellent GameBase64 as my bible – if it ain’t in there (at least up to the current version date) then it doesn’t exist.

I’ll be doing the English only ones, by the way, because I’m not mad, and taking them on alphabetically as opposed to release year. I will also be including the terrible, along with the brilliant. No plastering over awful releases – this adventure will be warts and all.

My plan is to do a brief review up front of each one and a simple score based on parser, story, difficulty and enjoyment. Be warned, the longer review will contain spoilers, but I will also put that caveat in every post, and I will endeavour to put anything I think of as a potential spoiler behind a warning, like this:

This is what a spoiler will look like!

As I play through I will also be mapping the game, mostly using the wonderful

So adventurers, buckle up, knuckle down, pack up your kit bag and smile, and join me for a lifetime of adventures….part 1 coming very soon!

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