The Blitz

I’ve been meaning to really seriously start learning assembly on real hardware for, well, since I was 15 really, but if I am honest I really struggle – not enough time to dedicate to it I think (that’s my excuse), and I always fall back to the CBM Basic I learned as a kid. So… Read More »

Bulletin Board Systems in 2022 (part 2)

Following on from the post a few days back regarding WiFi Modems and BBS access from original hardware in the modern era, I just wanted to detail how and where I connect and add some links to resources etc. that you might find useful. So, skipping the WiFi set up as that was covered in… Read More »

Bulletin Board Systems in 2022

I’m lucky enough to be in that sweet spot generation of not having grown up with the internet and all it can offer, yet experiencing first hand its invention and first mass consumer take up in the form of the BBS. Not young enough to have been exposed to smart phones and devices as soon… Read More »