Adventure Of The Year

By | 14 August 2023

Well, this is a silly one. I’m including it because it is listed as an official Activision release for the Commodore 64 in 1985. But, obviously, it wasn’t. Unless it was a joke or easter egg on another of their games. There really isn’t a lot of information out there about how or why this came to exist.

Russel Lieblich and Peter Kaminski do indeed exist, and were very active. They are listed has having done 5 games together.

According to the German language C64 Wiki, a contributor called HTW had a delve into the code for this and states there is no clue at all about who actually wrote it. Maybe somebody in the fediverse knows and can shed some light on it?

Anyway, the ‘game’ is just nonsense. It is on the GB64 game database and is listed as published, so I have played it, and completed it with all of my adventure and logic puzzle solving skills that I have honed over the years. And I did it in just one move! Beat that.

Honestly, I spent far too long thinking I must be missing something. I was tantalised by the bed and chair in the room, but couldn’t do a single thing with them. Couldn’t move, couldn’t look around. I was starting to think this is a really clever puzzle and I am obviously missing something that would enable me to enter the proper game. Especially as it teased with the line ‘look at the ceiling’ every time a command was entered.But no. Or at least if that is the case, nobody seems to have discovered anything other than the obvious – this is just a daft joke.

Anyway, once again I save your precious time by playing this so you don’t have to. I’m not going to give it a score…..until next time!

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